Last updates: 21.04.2018
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       Metcomplex Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 by the team of professionals.
       The primary activity of the company is non-ferrous processing and high-quality aluminum alloys production with the modern equipment. Required chemical composition of the alloy can be achieved with the help of tilting rotary furnaces with high output, rotary mixers with the capacity to 9 tons, and laboratory with modern spectral analyzers.
       Metal casting is performed at the conveyor belt with air-cooled 5 kg ingot, with usage of liquid metal filtration system and sause pots of 500 kg. All production meets precise requirements of the Russian and foreign standards, or the requirements on the chemical composition agreed with customers.
       Today Metcomplex Co., Ltd maintains the leading position among regional companies in the field of metallurgy. It specializes in production of the following types of alloys:
  • ADC 12
  • DIN 226
  • AK5M2
  • AK9M2
  • AK12

The company has established the reputation for being a reliable partner within the years of work in the metallurgy market.

We are looking to cooperate. We guarantee safe and high quality production.
                Metcomplex Co., Ltd Director Yury Epshteyn.

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